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  LPG Supply System                                                 

Straight LPG Central
Supply System

  LPG System Supply System  
  The simplest way of using LPG is to place a Cylinder in every household. LPG gas can be supplied directly from the Regulators on the top of each cylinder to the household LGP appliances. We have a full range of RegO Valves and Regulators for such appliances.  
  Cylinder Banks Systems for Small Communities  
  Connecting an automatic changeover device to two sets of cylinders, LPG gas can be supplied from either of the cylinders. When one cylinder is exhausted, the device will automatically switch to another one, hence, gas supply would not be interrupted. It also indicates when replacement is required.

A small system can use natural vaporization, while a large scale system requires mandatory vaporization. The Auto Change Over Device used in each system is different. For the vaporizers that is required for mandatory vaporization, Algas-SDI has its best XP series. We also provide first & second stage regulator from RegO, MS Miyairi Valve and Itokoki high pressure Hose, and all these fittings can be integrated into one system.
  Straight LPG Central Supply System  
  Because of its large consumption of LPG, a large scale Central Supply System requires LPG tanks for supply. These tanks can be installed underground or above-ground. DMC carry a full range of RegO and MS valves and relief valves for all the LPG tanks. We also carry level gauges from Rochester and pumps from Blackmer.

A relatively small system can choose an Electric Heated Vaporizer from Algas-SDI. But a large system would require Hot Water Heated Vaporizer and Steam Heated Vaporizer. In warmer area, LPG in tank can be transmitted to vaporizer via its steam pressure. However, in cooler area, the transmission requires a pump, we carry the Blackmer pump from the US . These Blackmer pumps can be installed onto trucks. If these trucks do not have any pump, a LPG Compressor can be installed in the LPG station for loading, and Blackmer has a full range of LPG Compressor that meets different requirement.

A metering system is suggested to install in each station, AmcO and Elster have a range of Flow Meter for selection, which can be used with the volume corrector that read the correct volume after amendment.
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