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General Information

A Compact, Lightweight regulator designed for residential natural gas applications and for fast, easy installation with interchangeable orifices and springs that provide a wide range of outlet pressures and flow rates.

Valve body configurations in 90 o and 180 o are available with 1/2", 3/4" and 1"NPT or BSP-TR connection sizes.The 1213B, 1243B and 1253B w/ Jeavons regulators features a full capacity internal relief valve with large passages to assure the fast release of gas. The standard relief spring setting is 7.0กจ W.C.above the normal 7กจ W.C. outlet pressure setpoint. All Models conform to ANSI Code B109,4-1998 and CGA Service-type Regulator Specification CAN/CGA-6.18-M95.

Model Number



Basic regulator, non-relieving with 1/4" NPT vent(Pilot)


Basic regulator, non-relieving with 3/4" NPT vent.


Basic regulator, full capacity internal relief with 3/4" NPT vent.


Basic regulator with full capacity internal relief and overpressure shut-off with 3/4" NPT vent.


Basic regulator, non-relieving and over-pressure shut-off with 3/4" NPT vent.

1253B w/Jeavons

Basic regulator, full capacity internal relief, overpresure and underpressure shut-off with 3/4" NPT vent.

1293B w/Jeavons

Basic regulator, non-relieving, overpressure and underpressure shut-off with 3/4" NPT vent.



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