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AMCO 1800C
General Information

1800C Regulator
The American Meter Series 1800C pressure regulators are designed for natural gas applications and feature a compact, lightweight design for fast, easy installation.
Interchangeable orifices and springs provide a wide range of outlet pressures and flow rates. Outlet pressures between 3.5" W.C. and 2 PSIG are available.

Operating temperature range is -20XF to 150XF (-30XC to 65XC ). Maximum flow rate is 2500 SCFH ( 70.8 m3 /h).

The diaphragm case may be easily removed for routine inspection without disturbing the line connections. All models conform to ANSI Code B109.4-1998, and CGA Service-Type Regulator Specification CAN/CGA-6.18-M95.

1800C-HC Regulator
Ideal for light commercial and industrial use, the 1-1/4" 1800C -HC Series regulator is designed to increase output capacity and lessen compounding during medium to high inlet pressure operations. Compounding usually occurs when a larger valve body introduces undesirable flow characteristics, thereby creating an inefficient, boosting effect in the outlet port of the body.

The 1800C-HC regulator's lightweight design features high-capacity capabilities for 1-1/4" NPT connections and flow capacities up to 4900 SCFH depending on inlet pressure and orifice selection. It complements the 1800C Series family of regulators.
All models conform to ANSI Code B109.4-1998 and CGA Service-Type Regulator Specification CAN/CGA-6.18-M95.

Overpressure Shut-Off Regulators

Models 1843C and 1843C -HC regulators are compact units designed to regulate line pressure and to provide protection against any downstream overpressure.
Rugged, Compact OPSO Operates independently. The OPSO will shut off the gas supply in the event of a serious downstream pressure build-up.
Adjustable Overpressure Shut-Off Pressure is adjustable via the overpressure shut-off adjustment screw to settings from 14" to 35" W.C. and 1 to 3-1/2 PSIG depending on spring selected

  Models 1843C and 1843C -HC provide added protection by incorporating a full-capacity relief valve. This internal valve is the same as in the 1813C and 1813C-HC and operates in the same manner to combine safety features.  



Models 1813C and 1843C feature full-capacity internal relief valves with large passages to assure the fast release of gas (see performance graphs on page 9).

For added protection, a relief valve stop is provided to assure operation under the most severe conditions. The standard relief spring setting is 8" W.C. above the normal 7" W.C. outlet pressure.

Model 1843C is equipped with overpressure shut-off (OPSO) that provides protection against downstream overpressure. Valve body configuration permits the 1800C Series regulators to be supplied in four positions as specified on page 10. All Series 1800C regulators are available with either right-angle (90X) or straight-flow (180X) valve bodies. Vents can also be supplied in four different positions.

All models are designed with an extra-large, removable weather-proof and bug-proof stainless-steel screened vent to resist freeze-ups and to exclude foreign matter.

The vent is threaded 3/4" or 1" NPT and is also available with BSP-TR threads making it suitable for inside installations. Inside installation requires a vent line of sufficient diameter to carry gas vented by the regulator to a safe outside location away from any opening in the building.
  Pressure Rating  

125 PSIG (8.6 bar) = Maximum recommended inlet pressure for normal service. Maximum recommended pressure may vary with orifice size.
175 PSIG (12 bar) = Maximum inlet pressure for abnormal or emergency service, without causing damage to regulator case.
2 PSIG (138 mbar) = Maximum outlet pressure for normal service.
10 PSIG (689 mbar) = Maximum outlet pressure which can be contained by pressure carrying components (no flange leakage to atmosphere except for normal relief action). If regulator is subjected to these conditions, it should be removed from service.
50 PSIG (3.5 bar) = Maximum outlet pressure for abnormal service without damage to internal components.
If regulator is subjected to these conditions, it should be removed from service


1800C Regulator & 1800C-HC Regulator
Lower Diaphragm Case V Precision die-cast aluminum with an exclusive seven-step advanced conversion coating, single-coat polyester primer and high solid polyurethane top coat.
Top Assembly V Precision die-cast aluminum with an exclusive seven-step advanced conversion coating, single-coat polyester primer and high solid polyurethane top coat.
Valve Body V Cast grey iron, undercoated, single-coat polyester primer and high solid polyurethane top coat, (Rotates in 90 degree increments).
Pressure Spring V Steel, zinc plated and yellow chromate. Color coded for identification.
Diaphragm Plate V Steel, terne plated.
Seat Disc V Buna-N.
Orifice V Super high strength, corrosion-resistant, aluminum.
Lever V Stamped aluminum.
Vent Screen V Stainless steel.
Seal Plug V Polyester thermoplastic UV stabilized.

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