Vemmtec PIZ BOX V2 Electronic Volume Corrector Meter  



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Vemmtec Piz Box V2

General Information

The PTZ-BOX V2 is a battery or line powered compact volume converter for gas volume measurement applications. Applications are with gas flow meters like diaphragm meters, turbine meters, rotary piston meters, and vortex shedding meters.

It is equipped with an energy-saving pressure transmitter and a temperature probe.

The converter uses volume pulses generated by a gas meter, measures pressure and temperature, and calculates the compressibility factor Z of the gas as well as the conversion factor C.

The volume measured at actual conditions is converted to volume at base conditions according to EN 12405, complying with most other standards.

The PTZ-BOX V2 can be easily configured using the soft-ware and a PC or notebook.

Available serial interfaces are infrared as well as RS 232 and RS 485 cable connections.

The standard power supply is a lithium battery.

As an option, the PTZ-BOX V2 can be powered by an intrinsically sically safe power supply.
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