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  1. Liquid LPG enters the inlet valve manifold where the inlet valve screen prevents debris from entering.
  2. Liquid flows through the inlet valve where it is controlled by a metal-to-metal seat and ball. The infinite seating positions of the ball provide long life, while the inverted seat prevents foreign material from collecting on the valve seat.
  3. As liquid passes through the tubes, energy is transferred, causing the liquid to boil. Steel tubes cast into the aluminum heat sink provide a secure pressure boundary and exceptional heat transfer.
  4. Energy drawn from the heat sink is replenished by replaceable self-regulating heaters, without the need for switches, temperature sensors, relays, or other controls. The heaters cannot overheat by nature of their design.
  5. Power is supplied to the heaters by a wide range of voltages, including AC or DC, through a factory-mounted explosion-proof seal.
  6. As vapor exits the unit, it heats or cools the temperature sensitive bulb, providing feedback to the inlet valve.
  7. The control valve receives feedback from the temperature-sensing bulb and combines it with pressure feedback to ensure only superheated vapor leaves the vaporizer. The valve modulates the inlet flow to control the process.



You don't have to be a genius to install or operate the world's most advanced vaporizer. The selfregulating heaters take care of themselves. There's no switches, thermostats, floats, relays, or other electrical controls, and it operates on any voltage.* It's small, light-weight, and wall-mountable, which means you can easily install it without using valuable floor space. It's that easy.

  • No switches, thermostats, floats, relays, or other electrical controls
  • Operates on any voltage
  • Small, light-weight, and wall-mountable
  • Explosion-proof

The ZIMMER was designed so that you can quickly install it and let it run without worries. Based on rigorous research and development, the ZIMMER has very few parts and sets the standard for low-maintenance. There's no water to lead to corrosion. Plus, no remote boxes or monitoring systems are required. That's quality.

  • Very few parts, low-maintenance
  • No corrosion, no water to monitor
  • Based on rigorous research and development

You no longer have to make a choice between high quality and a low price. With the ZIMMER, you can have both. What's more, using a vaporizer allows you to get more energy out of your tanks or cylinders. When you're using their full capacity, you're providing true value.

  • High quality and a low price
  • Get full capacity out of tanks and cylinders and improve service to your customers
  • Provide a sensible solution for the success of your customers' businesses
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The ZIMMER gives you more of what you need íV simplicity, reliability, and affordability íV and less of what you don't want íV corrosion and break downs.
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