RegO Relief Valve / Safety Valve  



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RegO Relief Valve
  • Minimizes product venting loss, when disconnecting, instantly by housing the seat disc at the bottom of the built-in ACME filling connector.
  • Vents less than 1/500 th of a gallon when disconnected.
  • V-ring spring-loaded pressure seal design provides for dependable, leak-free operation. No packing to retighten or replace.
  • Operator friendly. Contoured handle rotates a full 360X and large, easy to grip filling connector make the valve easy to handle.
  • Self locking handle is operator opened and closed to prevent against accidental opening of the valve.



Designed to vastly reduce the amount of product vented when disconnecting bobtail delivery trucks, dispensing systems and anhydrous ammonia nurse tanks.

These valves provide instant, full-on flow at the flip of a handle. Shut-off is instant and the handle locks for added protection.

This "top of the line" hose-end valve is a fully contained unit that does not require additional filling adapters or connectors.

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