High Pressure Industrial / Commercial Pounds-to-Pounds Regulators 1580M Series and AA 1580M Series  



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  • Large nozzle and straight through flow provides high capacity andresistance to freeze-up.
  • O-ring on retainer assembly provides a dampening effect to reduce vibration.
  • Suitable for both liquid and vapor service.
  • Can be readily fitted with pressure gauge in 1/4" F. NPT port.


Designed to reduce LP-Gas and anhydrous ammonia container pressures to between 3 and 125 PSIG. Precision-built with a multi-million BTU capacity, the 1580M series is perfect for such big, tough jobs as crop dryers, asphalt batch mixing plants, road building ˇ§tar wagonsˇ¨, heat treating and other large industrial and commercial loads. It's also ideal as a first stage regulator in large multiple operations. The AA1580M series is ideal for use in anhydrous ammonia applications such as blue print machines and heat treating.
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