Compact High Pressure First Stage Regulator LV3303TR  



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  • Compact design can be connected to the service valve using either a POL adapter or a Rego R Products pigtail.
  • Ideal size fits easily inside of domes and collars.
  • Large threaded 3/8" bonnet vent can be easily piped-away in underground installations without the need for glue kits or extra adapters.
  • Non-adjustable negative direct acting design helps to keep regulator delivery pressures constant even as tank pressures drop.
  • Negative direct acting design provides for excellent performance when needed mostíVin cold weather, when tank pressures are lowest and system demands are highest.
  • Consistent delivery pressure, especially in cold weather, helps assure maximum performance from the second stage regulator.
  • Large 1/4" orifice helps protect against regulator freeze-ups.
  • Built-in relief valve and travel stop comply with NFPA 58 overpressure requirements.
  • Incorporates built-in 1/4" FNPT downstream pressure tap for easy in-line checks of the regulator's downstream delivery pressure.
  • Molded diaphragm provides an o-ring like seal between the body and the bonnet.
  • Fully painted in brilliant red for complete corrosion protection.
  • Bonnet and body are assembled in the USA using the unique, patented RegULokSM Seal System.


Ideal for use as a first stage regulator on any domestic size ASME or DOT container in propane gas installations requiring no more than 1,500,000 BTUs/hour. These regulators are factory set to reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure of approximately 10 PSIG.
  RegO LV3303TR  
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