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The American Axial Flow. Valve provides pressure and flow control in high capacity pipelines. It can be used for pressure regulation, overpressure relief, flow control or simply as an on/off valve.

The AFV is unique in that there is no mechanical connection to the control element. Instead, the valve uses an elastomer sleeve which expands or contracts depending on the pressure differential across this sleeve. This principle provides a valve that is extremely compact and lightweight, easy to install and service, and one with a streamlined flow path for quiet operation. Because of its V-shaped design, the sleeve in an American Axial Flow Valve can be reversed for extended service life. This design also causes the sleeve to expand around its entire circumference, producing lower stresses for a given opening. The excellent flexibility of the sleeve material and the double sealing surfaces in the American design combine to provide a positive lockup characteristic for the valve.

Standard sleeve materials provide a wide working temperature range and excellent resistance to abrasion and swelling. They are field-proven in a variety of installations involving natural gas service. Specialized sleeve materials are also available for applications involving extreme temperatures, where chemical resistance is needed and for specialized services such as water scarfing.

American Axial Flow Valves install between the flanges of standard pipelines. Series 300 valves have a maximum working pressure of 720 psig and are available for 2., 3., 4., 6., 8. and 12. pipelines. Series 600 valves, with a maximum working pressure of 1440 psig, are available in 2., 4., 6. and 8. sizes.

Depending on the particular pilot used, the AFV can regulate output pressures from inches W.C. up to 600 psig. Higher pressures can be regulated with an instrument controller in place of a pilot. It can therefore be used to provide primary and secondary pressure cuts in a variety of transmission, distribution and industrial applications.

With the standard elastomer sleeve, the American Axial Flow Valve has an operating temperature range from .20 to 150¢XF .

All components exposed to the flow path are fabricated of abrasion and corrosion resistant materials.

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