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American Meter offers four industrial monitor regulators íV the 1803M , 2003M , 1883M and 2083M . Design improvements now enable all models to be configured as Monitor Regulators. This change was effective with all 1800 and 2000 Series Regulators manufactured after January 1994.

The advantage is that two models of the same regulator need not be stocked. All models are pre-machined to accept a monitor conversion kit. Refer to IMP 8740 for kit numbers and installation instructions.

When a regulator with an OPSO is converted to a monitor, a sense line must extend downstream of the worker, as shown in the diagram to the right.

1800 Series low-pressure models have a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and offer outlet pressures ranging from 3.5" w.c. to 5 psi. 2000 Series high pressure models allow a maximum inlet pressure of 150 psi and outlet pressures ranging from .5 psi to 15 psi. The 1800 Series can be ordered as Full Relief, Partial Relief or No Relief Regulator as shown in the table. 2000 Series Regulators are non-relieving. Both models are available with Overpressure Shutoff, underpressure Shutoff and monitor capabilities.
  Monitor Conversion - The body and valve head are premachined to allow easy conversion to a monitor model.

Interchangeable Orifice - Available in sizes from 1/4" through 1-1/4" for a wide range of flow rates. One orifice is offered for both standard and OPSO models to minimize spare-parts inventory.

OPSO - Overpressure Shutoff for positive protection of public buildings such as schools, churches, etc.

Springs - The 1800 Series spring ranges from 3.5" w.c. to 5 psi outlet pressure. 2000 Series spring ranges from 1/2 psi to 15 psi outlet pressure. See page 12.

Rugged Construction - Valve heads are ductile iron which prevents thread damage. Available as 1-1/2" and 2" screwed, and 2" flanged connections. ANSI, BSP and DIN connections available.

Relief Vent - A 2" vent for Full Relief overpressure protection in three models, such as the 1813B. Partial Relief has 1" vent and 2000 Series has 3/4".

UPSO - Snap-acting lever for underpressure shutoff protection when line pressure drops drastically.

Pressure Taps  - The 1800 and 2000 Regulators have inlet and outlet pressure taps.

Durability - Cast-aluminum top and bottom diaphragm case for long service life.

Maintenance  - Three setscrews hold diaphragm case to the valve head, providing the easiest orifice and seat disc inspection in the industry.
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