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VEMMTEC Turbine Meter

General Information

The Vemm tec IGTM (International Gas Turbine Meter) is a highly accurate flow meter.

The IGTM is available in two models: CT and IM. The IGTM-CT in used for high accurate and Custody Transfer applications. The IGTM-IM is an economically priced meter with a good accuracy.

The available nominal diameter of the IGTM gas turbine meter ranges from 50 mm (2") to 300 mm (12")Other sizes are available on request.

The IGTM can be delivered with G rates ranging from G40 to G4000,which means that IGTM's are available for flow rates from 8m 3 /h to 6500m 3 /h.

The standard range of an IGTM larger than DN80(3") is better than 1:20 (Q min: Q max ).

Meters with improved ranges of 1:30 or better are available.

Vemm tec can provide you with flow converting devices, ranging from a converter with only basic features, to a sophisticated computer .

Vemm tec has many years of experience with metering skids such as provers or pressure reduction stations.

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