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The 6200 series gauges are widely used to indicate liquid levels of fuels, hydraulic fluids, lube oils, liquified gases such as propane, butane, ammonia etc... The 6200 series gauges are used for tank diameter up to 2000mm and tank pressure up to 25 bar. Float is counterbalanced for low specific gravity fluids. Gauge can be equipped with direct reading dial, twinsite or switch.
  Mounting Position  

Gauges of serie 6200 can be manufactured for any mounting position.

Vertical : top mounted 1
Horizontal : end mounted 2
Horizontal : side mounted 3
Angle : angle mounted 4 (angle for angle mounted gauge is specified from horizontal, positive above horizontal, negative below horizontal)

  Those gauges serie 6200 are in accordance with European Directive PED 97/23/CE for LPG, ammonia for maximum pressure 25 bar and temperature V20X to + 60XC.
Others: on request after risk analysis.
They have been certified by APRAGAZ, notified body 0029, under nX 02/BE/329.
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