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  • Replaceable casing liner and end discs
    Blackmer LGL models can be economically rebuilt for like-new performance with replaceable end discs and liners, specially designed to suppress cavitation and reduce wear.
  • Two-piece threaded lock collars
    Precisely position the rotor and shaft, allowing the pump to operate under high inlet pressures. In addition, this positive lock thrust control helps prevent premature wear to internal components.
  • External ball bearings
    Low friction grease-lubricated ball bearings are completely isolated from the pumpage by mechanical seals for trouble-free service and long life.
  • Ductile iron construction
    All pressure parts are of ductile iron for greater resistance to both thermal and mechanical shock.
  • Internal relief valve
    Protects the pump from excessive pressure buildup in the event of an obstructed or closed return line.
  • Nonmetallic Duravanes
    Designed to resist wear under non-lubricating conditions. These chemically inert vanes are formulated of a tough resin material for long life and quiet operation.
  • Blackmer mechanical seals
    Specially developed for non-lubricating liquids, Blackmer's exclusive component type design is field proven to provide long life and reliable service on a wide range of liquefied gas applications.



High capacity at lower speeds means reduced wear Self-adjusting vanes keep performance high Vane replacement in minutes, easy inspection.
Replaceable liners economically restore efficiency.

UL and ISO 9001

All pump* and bypass valve models described in this bulletin are listed by Underwriters Laboratories for both LP-gas and anhydrous ammonia service. (*LGL158 and LGLH2 are listed for use on LP-gas service only.)
All products in this bulletin are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.

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