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CNG fueling system generally uses Cascade method or Buffer method. The advantage of the Cascade method proposed by Kwangshin is that it is possible to fuel more vehicles with a compressor of the same capacity.

Kwangshin's storage cylinders are comprised of 6 cylinders designed in ASME specification, each of which has the internal capacity of 1,300 liters. The 6 cylinders are comprised of one high bank, tow medium banks and three low banks, and each cylinder can store gas in 250bar.

The CNG Dispenser of Kwangshin injects natural gas into vehicles at the pressure of 200bar. The 3-line system is the basic specification, but single line system is also available.

Kwangshin SCADA System is a device that can monitor, record and control the condition of the equipment with a computer. Which is being operated using PLC. In addition, those data can be monitored from a remote location using the Internet environment.

The Card Key System provided by Kwangshin is a POS system with reliability, efficiency and convenience. It is a PAM device with perfect compatibility. No other fueling device has better compatibility. Designed for the Windows environment for use convenience, the Kwangshin Card Key System is the most reliable and scalable system on the market.
  • Minimized Vibration
  • Standardzation
  • Simple Structure
  • Efficient and Convenient Air-cooling Structure
  • Designed for High Efficiency: The product has been designed with our proprietary design program based on the database that contains our accumulated expertise and know-how. The performance of the compressor has been optimized as the product has been machined with high accuracy NC machine. Contributing to saving energy.
  • Maintenance: Air/Gas Coolers Clean periodically with compressed air Inlet Gas Fitter. SS 10 micron filter Blowdown-can wash Vessel Drain condensed foreign material and separated oil every month Lubricator. Refill the oil. Compressor Valves: 8,000 hours service check, Compressor Rings: 8,000 hours service check, Compressor Bearings: 35,000 hours service check.
  • Separator / Oil Filtration: Oil separator installed inside the pulsation vessel at each stage. In house high pressure filter plus coalescing filters to remove 99.995% of oil aerosols to within 0.3 to 0.6 micron (Less than 2ppm).
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